SkillsUSA Wyoming

SkillsUSA Wyoming Conference Dress Code

Opening Session, Testing Session and Awards Ceremony Dress Code

All contestants are required to be in either official SkillsUSA Dress OR black pants/black skirt with the 2016 conference shirt during the opening sessions and testing session. The conference shirt will be distributed to advisors when they pick up their registration packet. NO CAPS DURING GENERAL SESSIONS PLEASE!!!! Students will be asked to remove them before entering the opening and closing ceremonies.

The clothing requirements listed in the Technical Standards document/CD are for national contests. IF the contestant has the clothing used at nationals, they may also wear them for the state competition. However, we are not requiring that contestants purchase the clothing that is listed for the state competitions.

Contest Dress Code

In regards to clothing requirements for the contests (not opening, testing, or closing sessions), the following rules will apply:

Leadership Contests:

REQUIRED: Official Dress OCC, Chapter Business, Health Knowledge Bowl, Public Speaking Contests, Demonstrations Contests, Job Interviews, Customer Service, and any contest that requires a formal presentation before the judges.

NOTE: We do have jackets and ties available for use by those students who do not have official dress for these contests which can be checked out to contestants at the Registration Booth prior to the students scheduled time of competition. It is the student's responsibility to wear appropriate black slacks, or skirts with black socks, or hose, and black shoes plus a white shirt or blouse for these competitions.

Technical Contests:

Clothing that is appropriate in the school program is acceptable. Ex. Coveralls for welding, auto, etc. Scrubs for Health Occ. Contests, etc.

Proper grooming in regards to safety guidelines, (hair pulled back, jewelry, loose fitting clothing, footwear) is essential to avoid disqualification. Disqualification is at the discretion of the contest judge. Students will receive a clothing penalty if their attire is inappropriate for the contest.

Safety Equipment/Protective Gear

All safety equipment required for each contest will be provided by the contestants. Nothing will be furnished at the State Competition by the Technical Committee as is indicated in the National Contest rules unless otherwise noted.

Awards Ceremony:

Official SkillsUSA attire OR White button down shirt or blouse, black pants or skirt (for women), tie (for men), black shoes. The Blazer or Windbreaker will not be required. If students do not have white tops and black pants or skirts, business attire will be allowed. Jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. will not be allowed. Students not appropriately dressed will not be allowed on the stage to receive their awards.

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