SkillsUSA Wyoming

SkillsUSA Wyoming 2017 Championships Schedule



10:00 AM

Contestant Registration Opens, Registration Booth

10:00 AM until 1:30 PM

Turn in Contest Notebooks and Materials, American Spirit, Community Service, Outstanding Chapter, Promotional Bulletin Board, Chapter Display, Engineering technology, Mobile Robotics, Urban Search and Rescue, Welding Sculpture, Registration Booth

12:00 PM:

Conference shirt that is provided is required to be worn at the Opening Session.

Keynote Speaker - Jeff Rodenberg, TIC

1:30 PM:

Advisor Meeting, American Room

Technical Written Tests

Natrona & Mardi-Gras Rooms

Additive Manufacturing
Advertising Design
Architectural Drafting
Automotive Service Technology
Auto Collision/Refinishing
Carpentry (Cheyenne Room)
Commercial Baking
Culinary Arts
Customer Service
Mobile Robotics
Restaurant Service
Precision Machining Technology
Early Childhood Education
Quiz Bowl (one team member)
Technical Computer Application
Technical Drafting
Welding Sculpture and Welding (advanced and college) (Wyoming Room)

Health Occupation Tests

Gourmet Room

First Aid/CPR
Nursing Assisting
Health Knowledge Bowl Team Test

2:30 PM

Welding Technology - College, Norco 3333, Yellowstone Hwy

Promotional Bulletin Board Set Up, In Mallway right outside of Shoshoni Room

3:00 PM

Customer Service, Rooms 1118, 1120, 1122

Commercial Baking - Group 1, Kelly Walsh Family Consumer Science Classroom

Community Service, Railroad Room

Opening and Closing Ceremony (OCC), A1 Ballroom

Pin Design, Shoshoni Room

T-Shirt Design, Senate Room

3:30 PM

American Spirit, Shoshoni Room

Chapter Business , American Room

4:00 PM

Chapter Display, Railroad Room

Resumes Due, Registration Desk

Judges Meeting For Job Interview, Ballroom A1

Judges Meeting Job Demo, Cheyenne Room

Related Technical Math - Bring 2 pencils, Wyoming Room

Medical Terminology - Bring 2 Pencils, Wyoming Room

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Set up at Casper College for Arch Drafting, Technical drafting, Gateway Building, Casper College, Rooms 107 and 212

4:30 PM

Promotional Bulletin Board, Shoshoni Room

5:30 - 7:30 PM

Dinner Buffet For Contestants, Advisors, and Volunteers, Natrona & Mardi Gras Rooms


For the following contests, students will be scheduled in 15 minute increments. Schedule will be by the front Registration Desk

4:45 PM

Job Interview - Check posted schedule for time. (top 2 from High School group proceeds to finals)
Report to the receptionist in front of contest room at assigned time. Interview will follow.
Section I, Ballroom A1
Section II, Ballroom B1
Section III, Ballroom C1
Section IV, Ballroom C2
Section V - Post Secondary, Ballroom C3

5:00 PM

Job Skills Demonstration Contest - Check posted schedule for time.
Section I (Demo A), Ballroom A3
Section II (Demo A), Ballroom B3
Section III (Demo O), Ballrom A2

Section IV (Demo O), American Room

Prepared Speech, Senate Room
Topic for Contest is: SkillsUSA, "Champions at Work, Connecting You to Career Success."

Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, Railroad Room (Practice)
Cheyenne Room (Contest)

Topic and resources used for contest will be made available to the contestant in the practice room. Topic will be selected from the Official SkillsUSA Leadership Handbook.

5:30 PM

Inspection for High Mileage Vehicles, Parkway Plaza South Lounge
(Note: Each vehicle must have at least one member of the pit crew present for inspection)

Outstanding Chapter, Shoshoni Room

7:30 PM

Quiz Bowl - 2 sections, American & Wyoming Rooms

Dress Code: All members of team must wear same shirt (team shirt, official dress or conference t-shirt) and black pants.


Breakfast Buffet is available at the hotel.

All contestants will eat lunch at Casper College unless otherwise noted.

All contestants in the following technical skills contests must report to their assigned areas no later than the times indicated in the following schedule.

7:00 AM

Welding Technology - Advanced High School - Group 1, Norco, 3333 Yellowstone Hwy

Architectural Drafting Setup, Casper College

Technical Drafting Setup, Casper College

Carpentry, McMurry Training Center, 2220 N. Bryan Stock Tr
(Tear down of project will be held from 4:30pm to 5:30pm)

7:30 AM

Automotive Technology - Group 1, Casper College Auto Shop - Career Studies

Architectural Drafting, Gateway Building - Room 212

Technical Drafting, Gateway Building - Room 107

Precision Machining Technology, Werner Tech Room 142 (Machine Shop)

8:00 AM

Technical Computers Applications, Gateway Building, Room 208

Cabinetmaking, Kelly Walsh High School, Wood Shop

Commercial Baking - Group 2, Kelly Walsh High School, Family/Consumer Science Lab

Cosmetology, Parkway Plaza, Wyoming Room and Railroad (Lunch at Parkway Plaza)

College Welding Testing session, Parkway Plaza, Ballroom A1

Medical Math, Parkway Plaza, Ballroom A1

8:30 AM

Firefighting (bring firefighting gear), Casper College, Energy Institute Lobby

9:00 AM

Urban Rescue - Turn in Notebook, Parkway Plaza, Cheyenne Room

Early Childhood Education, Parkway Plaza, American Room

First Aid/ CPR , Parkway Plaza, Ballrooms C1 & C2

Engineering Technology, Parkway Plaza

Photography, Parkway Plaza, Ballrooms B1

Restaurant Service, Parkway Plaza, Gourmet Room

Nursing Assistant, Saunders Health Science Center At Casper College

Collision Repair, TBA

9:30 AM

Community Service Activity - Boys and Girls Club - Participants will eat at Casper College

Novice Welding - Group 2, Kelly Walsh HS Welding Shop

10:00 AM

Mobile Robotics - Interviews, Parkway Plaza - Natrona

Engineering Technology, Parkway Plaza, Shoshoni Room

Additive Manufacturing, Parkway Plaza - Ballroom A-1

12:00 PM

Culinary Arts - Group 1, Kelly Walsh HS, Family and Consumer Science Room

12:30 PM

Auto Technology - Group 2, Casper College Auto Shop
(lunch at Casper College prior to contest)

Welding Technology - Group 1, Kelly Walsh HS - Welding Shop

1:00 PM

Welding Technology - High School Group 2, Norco Facility, 3333 W. Yellowstone Hwy

Urban Search and Rescue Course Challenge, Parkway Plaza, Mardi Gras Room

Welding Sculpture Interviews, Parkway Plaza, Ballroom C1

2:30 PM

Culinary Arts - Group 2, Kelly Walsh HS, Family and Consumer Science Room

Health Knowledge Bowl, Parkway Plaza, Ballroom B1

Welding Technology - Intermediate Group 2, Kelly Walsh HS Welding Shop

4:15 PM

High Mileage Vehicle Trials - Nat. Co School District #1 Driver's Ed Track, near the Events Center

4:30 PM

Job Interview Finals, Parkway Plaza, Cheyenne Room

Job Skills Demonstration A Finals, Parkway Plaza, Shoshoni Room

5:00 PM

Delegate Assembly, Parkway Plaza, American Room

6:00 PM

State Officer Interviews with Panel, Parkway Plaza, American Room

9:00 PM

Connecting You to a Good time - Game Night - Mardi Gras, Natrona.
Games! Prizes! Fun!!

12:00 AM



7:15 - 9:15 AM


9:30 AM

Awards Ceremony, Ballroom
NOTE: All participants must where Official SkillsUSA Dress or black slacks/ skirt, which shirt/ blouse and black shoes. Participants who are not dressed appropriately will not be admitted to the Awards Ceremony. No one will be permitted on stage to receive medals if not dressed accordingly. This will be strictly enforced.

Immediately following the awards ceremony. A meeting for advisors of contestants that qualify for nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, June 20-25, 2016

All new state officers to meet in the Railroad Room

Conference Information